The richness and complexities of Veg-Tanned leather are awesome

The richness and complexities of Veg-Tanned leather are awesome. A material fit for manipulation and abuse, I’ve never worked with something that can be so clean and fresh while retaining subtle ruggedness with a raw character. Being a natural material, it can act as a blank canvas with inherent qualities that only get better over time and wear. There’s a reason why the general practice of producing Veg-Tanned leather can be found in different cultures and civilizations.

The Craft the Leather workshop was an incredible experience. We were immersed in Tuscan tanneries rich with tradition and heritage, and humbled by the leather artisans who let us work and learn alongside them. Being able to engage with students and faculty from design schools all over the world, at the same time, was equally fascinating. It is important this trade and its craft are preserved and maintained for as long as it is sustainable for this planet and its people.