Learned how magnificent the Veg-Tanned leather can be

Veg-Tanned leather requires a lot of time and effort. It must go through many processes, such as tanning with vegetable extracts, known as Tannins, which makes Veg-Tanned leather more valuable. An object that is made with Veg-Tanned leather may seems a bit rough and stiff at first, but this object turns more classy as time passes. Having a Veg-Tanned leather item is like raising a living pet, because the color of the goods gradually changes. The piece will indicate how long and how much people used it. It can be said that it shows what the life of that person is like. Recently, the amount of fake leathers has increased as more people oppose using real leather. The reason that people oppose using real leather is that they feel sad when they think that innocent animals are sacrificed for people’s items which soon get abandoned. However if people know about how Veg-Tanned leather is made, and realize that the leather shines brighter with use, they will surely treat this leather as more valuable and not throw it away.

The workshop taught me various kinds of knowledge about leather. I learned how magnificent the Veg-Tanned leather can be, and how each element used for tanning the leather, such as purified water, can be so crucial. I realized the difference between various kinds of leather, and how much time has to be spent to make each type of leather. I was amazed when artisan of leather shoes taught me the importance of each step of making the leather and amount of work that is done by hand. Learning about the leather was one of my favorite things about the workshop.

Meeting people from all over the world was another thing I loved about the workshop. It was fun to learn about the other members as we spent time together. I loved the moment when the works and experiments we each had made using the knowledge of the characteristics of Veg-Tanned leather, were put on the display. The workshop was a great opportunity for me, who always preferred working with leather, to grasp a wide range of knowledge about this special leather.