I am grateful to have had the privilege to participate

Vegetable-tanned leather is my preferred material with which to express myself. I have been working and experimenting with Veg-tan leather for 14 years. Equivalent to an artists’ canvas, I have become captivated with this material because of its infinite ability to transform. It is absolutely mutable. There is nothing like it. Veg-Tan Leather is a dream to work with.

The Craft The Leather Workshop was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The exposure to the tanning process, Italy, International Design Students and their mentors, factories, craftspeople and so much more has opened my eyes, and influenced not only my own work, but my attitude and perspective as well. The influence of the openness of the craftsmen that so generously shared their tools with us, and the helpfulness and care of so many of the Italians we met, has energized and inspired me as an artist and as a human. I am grateful to have had the privilege to participate.